I help clients communicate research, solutions, and policies that advance and enable the global low-carbon, clean-energy economy.

I’m a communications strategist, author, and award-winning writer and editor with 18+years of experience producing high-impact products for consumer and B2B audiences.

As the communications and branding lead for Clean Energy Canada, I developed a deep knowledge of low-carbon and clean energy solutions. Across five years, I played a pivotal role in growing the organization’s profile and influence and establishing its brand as a highly credible national voice on climate and energy issues. Governments and journalists now regularly call upon the organization to share perspective and analysis on trends and current events. The CBC recently called it “one of Canada’s leading green-energy think tanks.”

I’ve authored or co-authored numerous reports, and written scores of articles, opinion editorials, speeches, briefing notes, and more on the opportunities and imperative to reduce fossil fuel dependence. Along the way I’ve built an extensive network of experts, allies, supporters, and reporters.

I’m the author of the critically acclaimed comic memoir Almost Green (Greystone/Skyhorse Books, 2008)​ I worked in journalism and media for 17 years editing and producing print and online publications including Wired News and Outside in the United States, and Vancouver​ in Canada. In 2010, I won a Western Magazine Award for my profile of Dr. Bill Rees, co-creator of the “carbon footprint” concept. I also contribute to the Huffington Post.

I now collaborate with companies, organizations, governments, and institutions wishing to effectively communicate low-carbon and clean energy policies, technologies, and research findings. When necessary, I team up with designers, analytics experts, and others to deliver real results.I hold legal work status in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Finally, I proudly continue to work with my former colleagues at Clean Energy Canada as a contractor and strategic advisor.

Please reach out if I may be of some service to you or a colleague. Thank you!