I support companies, organizations, and governments that are working to advance the global low-carbon economy.

What I Do

Media Relations

This just in: Competition for ink and airtime is brutal. Over the years, I’ve established relationships with a range of reporters, editors, and producers in Canada and the United States. I know what they need, and when, and how to cut through the noise.

Content Creation

I can draw out your story or detail an upcoming project or event, and explain its impacts via case studies, fact sheets, briefing notes, guest blogs, op-eds, and more. Need a report? I produce crisp and engaging publications that outline options or make a case for action.

Spokesperson Coaching

Got a product launch or event coming up that may interest the media? I’ll drill you before they stick a mic in your face, and coach you on your responses so you’re properly prepped, confident, quotable, and sound-byte ready.


If you have a plan for how you get the word out, I’ll help you bring it to life. If you don’t, I’ll help you figure out what you want to say, to what audiences, and through what channels. I’ll amplify your ideas and innovations and get them into wider circulation.


  • Ali Grovue

    Executive Director, B.C. Sustainable Energy Association

    “James is supportive, enthusiastic, and brings extensive clean energy sector knowledge and strategy to his communications work.  He is a great person to have in your corner.”

  • Tim Flannery

    Councillor and Cofounder, Australian Climate Council

    “The Clean Energy Review has had a huge impact here in Australia. An ever-fresh message of hope and progress, it has energized our supporters.”​

  • Karen Hamberg

    Vice-President, Strategy, Westport Innovations

    “James helps organizations, governments, think tanks, and others cut through jargon and distil key messages that are focused on solutions and hope.”

  • David McLaughlin

    Principal, David McLaughlin Consulting

    “James Glave is one of the top reasons Clean Energy Canada is getting attention. From social media, to webinars, to research documents, his communications work is stellar.”

  • Elizabeth Sheehan

    President, Climate Smart Business

    “James brings strong strategy and insight to his communications consulting. He helped Climate Smart with a number of projects – delivering on time, clear and compelling communication pieces that have amplified our message and impact.”

  • Frankie Nash

    Manager, Clean Energy Operations and Development, Clean Energy B.C.

    “Working with James is a true pleasure. He is energetic, creative, and strives for excellence.”

  • Merran Smith

    Executive Director, Clean Energy Canada

    “James is both a doer and big-picture innovator. He’s passionate, driven, and chronically enthusiastic. He’s an outstanding writer, he understands the importance of design, and he’s widely connected with media. He has been an indelible part of our success.”

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